Welcome to Push Love Forward, a movement of love, inspiration and happiness.

We founded the movement because we strongly believe that what goes around, comes around. We have a burning desire to push love forward and by doing so make this world a humble and more lovable place to live in.

We believe that making small gestures of love to one another makes a big difference. It brings a little spark of magic to the world. The idea is to push love forward to the next one. Creating a ripple effect of kindness and happiness.

One way of doing so is to give away a Push Love Forward bag to someone you know and want to bring a little happiness. In this simple way you are pushing love forward. 


Hopefully you got that extra boost to push your unique love forward and discover the benefits of doing good.



We will donate ten percent of the yearly profit to www.dinnoedhjaelp.dk. It is a non-profit organization that fights for children's rights.


1. Choose the person you want to surprise with a gift.
2. Visit the webshop an place your orders.
3. For your security, pay with PayPal. Follow the instructions, don't forget to write down the shipping address.
4. We will send out an anonymous packet, the totem bag, a lovely card trucked inside of it, to the shipping address.

5. Thank you for participating in our vision that love is something we need to practice and act on, and that together we may change the world to be more compassionate and loving.

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